Planning a Wedding on Kaua’i | Food Catering Tips

Tips for Food Catering on the Kaua’i Island

Wedding Food Catering on Kaua’i

Secluded and natural, Kaua’i is a perfect wedding destination.  With dramatic features from Waimea Canyon, to Na Pali cliffs, waterfalls, and beaches, it’s a paradise setting for romance. An intimate Hawaiian experience is found in Kaua’i, whose beauty shines as a nuptial backdrop.  

Ideal for weddings, Kaua’i venues range from cliffside views to rustic ranches to beaches with radiant sunsets.  With so much beauty built into the location, the next biggest to-do on any wedding planning list is the catering.  The food and drinks will sustain the party, and you want to ensure you choose the right caterer for the best Hawaiin wedding experience.  

Here are the best tips in food catering for planning a wedding on Kaua’i:


Food Catering Service with a Smile  

Finding a catering company that delivers great service with a warm smile is a must. Creating an atmosphere of friendliness is paramount for your wedding, and a big part of that lies with the caterer. Tahiti Nui brings their signature family vibes to your event, where you and your guests will feel at ease. They aim to know everyones name, and want to share a piece of their culture with you.


Buffet or Plated Wedding catering on Kaua’i

Looking for buffet style or full plated service for your wedding catering? Tahiti Nui offers both types of wedding catering. The menu is customizable, and includes traditional dishes like kalua pig, poi, sweet potatoes, fresh fruits, and haupia in addition to more modern plates and flavors. A catered buffet for your wedding allows your guest to create their perfect plate, and come back for more, while plated service offers ease. Depending on your wedding, Tahiti Nui will cater to your preferences. 

Local Kaua’i Food 

With plenty of rain and shine, Kaua’i’s climate and rich soil create a lush fertile land that produces the best tasting fruits and vegetables. Tahiti Nui works with many neighboring farms in Hanalei and on Kaua’i, supporting local businesses and building community. 

Go with Experts and Experience for your Wedding Catering

Tahiti Nui has been serving their guests and local community alike for three generations. Let them bring the same family vibe to make your wedding unforgettable.

Wedding Food Catering on Kaua’i

Keep these food catering tips in mind, as you begin your wedding planning journey.  It may be an overwhelming task, but a few simple things can help the process go smoothly.  Tahiti Nui’s food catering for weddings on Kaua’i will make your wedding feel intimate, fun, and worry-free. 

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